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“Ba Ghetto”

Located on Portico d’Ottavia, Ba Ghetto is a kosher restaurant with great food. I ordered the Bucatini Amatriciana for starters and the special,  grilled salmon with pine nuts. So good. The salmon was a nice hefty piece of filet that was fresh and moist. I was most impressed by this, because paying more for seafood at a new restaurant can be risky. After all, you’re at the mercy of the chef. What if they bring you a smaller portion low not-so great fish? Not to worry here. The seafood that night was plentiful. Another member of my group ordered clams and had a similar sized portion.

My pasta was also a nice surprise. Bucatini is a heavier version of spaghetti, so I was a little hesitant to order it. Back home I make thin spaghetti or angel hair but I wanted to try the amatriciana so I gave it a shot. I haven’t made angel hair since. The bucatini was cooked to an insane level of al dente perfection like a new standard for what pasta can be. The amatriciana sauce is a spicy tomato based sauce here served con carne, or with meat. Pasta is often served with   small slices of cured pork similar to a thick slice of proscuitto. This meat was neither fatty or chewy (as it can sometimes be). The sauce is traditionally spiced with crushed red chili and paprika and the version at Ba Ghetto was a nice combination of both.

The service here was nice and not pushy and if you’re looking for a decently priced restaurant with great quality food Ba Ghetto gets the recommend.

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The She-Wolf

The She-wolf has become a famous character in Roman history and a vital part of their heritage. According to the legend, the twins Romulus and Remus were said to have been found on the banks of the Tiber by the She-Wolf and cared for until they were found by the shepherd. The most famous depiction is the Capitoline Wolf, pictured above, a bronze Etruscan style sculpture. The infant portrayals of Romulus and Remus are thought to have been added later.

The Italian football team A.S. Roma includes the Wolf on their emblem.

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Things to look for: SPQR

The weird anagram SPQR appears all over Rome. It’s an abbreviation for Senatus Populesque Romanus which is Latin for “The Senate and the People of Rome.” This dates back to the Roman Republic and was used all over on official documents, dedicatory inscriptions, and, yes, drains.

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