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Tips on Visiting Rome: Water

Rome is famous for it’s accessibility to water and modern Rome is no different. If you’re planning on visiting the Eternal city, especially during the summer, invest in a water bottle! It’s a great way to save Euros from your travel budget! There are fountains everywhere known as nasoni where you can fill up with fresh, clean water.

I can’t stress enough how grateful you’ll be to have it during June, July and August. Buying water from vendors is expensive and the same goes for restaurants. And when you’re in the middle of the Roman Forum and the Mediterranean summer gets to be a little too much, you’ll be glad you have some water. Plus, there’s a nasoni on the Forum. Make a game of it and see how many historical places you can fill up at. Holy water, anyone?

Here’s some more in depth articles, one that has a video to demonstrate how to use a nasoni. You laugh now…

The Nasoni: Rome’s Ubiquitous Public Fountains

Can You Drink from Rome’s Water Fountains? Really?

And yes, there’s an app for that.

Drinking Water 

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How to order Gelato in Italy

This is something everyone should do while in Rome. Eating gelato is nearly a god-given right in Italy and Gelateria’s abound all over the city. This is a summary taken from the complete article which can be found here.

Not every gelato shop will offer both cups and cones, but the vast majority will. The word for cup is “coppa” (KOH-pah) and cone is “cono” (KOH-noh). You’d ask for either “una coppa” or “un cono,” but the fun doesn’t end there. Sometimes, you’ll see several different kinds of cones on display, so be prepared to point to the one you want.

Unlike in some ice cream shops outside Italy, the size of the cup or cone you’re getting doesn’t pre-determine how many scoops of gelato you’ll get. I’ve seen people cram three flavors into even the smallest cups. So after you’ve chosen the vessel for your gelato, you’ll need to say how many scoops you’d like. In Italian, the word you’ll use is “gusti” (GOO-stee), which literally means “flavors.” So technically you’re telling them how many flavors you’d like, and they’re going to give you one scoop per flavor. Make sense? Good!


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